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Excavating The Finest Of Email Marketing Possibilities In Your Purview Of Service.

Email Marketing is one of the integral aspects of Digital marketing that has been

proven as a dependable lead acquisition method used by businesses and

marketers across trends and timelines.

What makes it a highly adopted method of digital marketing is the factors of easy

user accessibility and low-cost execution. When planned and applied with the

right strategic plan, emails prove to be a great prospect hitter and effectively fill

those nervous gaps in a competition-ridden marketing program.

Apart from exploring opportunities in the market, emails are even being used by

brand experts as a cost-effective mass-messaging instrument to engage and

retain users in a long run.

The Current Trends In Email Marketing

Today, in a general scenario, email marketing is tactically clubbed with different

outbound and inbound strategies to design a collaborative plan to hit target users

at the bottom of the funnel. This is turning out to be a marketing manual for most

of the businesses and proving successful for them.

Email Marketing is also gaining prominence as a mode of customer engagement

and a way to break news or communicate offers to a pre-defined group of

audiences through newsletters and emailers. User Generated Content (UGC) is

becoming a great way to engage the end-user. These interactive emails can be

gamified and boosted with rewards and contests for the response. Email

campaigns are driven by an automated marketing framework, which connects

them with the integrated software (with improved content creation and statistical

models) that plans, creates, tests, tracks, analyzes, and executes them to


As one of the best email marketing companies, we are able to drive your email

campaigns to register most user response and get you great conversions. By

segregating your user database, creating engaging e-mailers, applying AB and

split testings, tracking the outputs, filtering the responses, and optimizing it to

create best performing replicas, we get you the most eventful results. This allows

us to get you the most benefits from your email marketing campaign and makes

us deliver great results as an email marketing agency that keeps us on the top of

the league of email marketing service providers.


Email marketing stats:

The global email users are estimated to reach a figure of 4.3 billion by


● In 2017, 269 Billion emails were exchanged in a day. This is expected to

grow to a number of 333 billion emails by 2022.

● Email marketing gets $30 in return for each dollar spent.

● According to the latest survey, 48% of customers like to receive

promotional emails.

● Email marketing has an ROI of 4400%.

● 81% of SMBs rely on emails as a part of their marketing plan for user


Why Choose ESage Digital For Email Marketing Services?

Email marketing services that are built on authentic communication plan and tool support.

Our audience-first e-mailers are created with AB-tested subject lines and heat

map optimized templates to ensure you higher conversions.

Creating highly persuasive campaigns based on user response cogency. To

make your users react to your email communication with higher turnouts.

If you want to be opened, read and responded, you need to have content that

connects and clicks with your audiences. And we make sure you get this sorted

at its engaging best.


Keeping everything and every action on track with detailed graphically depicted

performance reports of the email campaigns